Deconvolution Example

Finally, after years of imaging with short focal length telescopes which resulted in so called undersampled data (image scale of 3″, 4″ or 5 arcseconds and more) I have collected some oversampled data now with my newest setup (image scale of 1″ – camera pixels 4.54um on 900mm of focal length). Therefore I can start looking into deconvolution process and investigate the options we have. Since I am a „dumb head“ I need something simple like click here and there and save the result.

Here’s an example of such a quick process using a demo of CCDStack: Process->Deconvolve with Positive Constraint method.

Original image:

Positive Constraint with 20 iterations:

Positive Constraint with 50 iterations:

You can see that the 50 iterations created too many artefacts around the Horse Head therefore I have used the 20 iterations approach for final image processing:

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