QHY163M a 4/3″ mono CMOS camera – part #2

pech means bad-luck.

I am positive and open minded! Everything „bad“ is good for something else – let’s learn lessons and be stronger, better, smarter, experienced and full of hope that next time it will be OK :-) (either I am an „idiot“ :-) or maybe I just have insane patience – proved by the fact that I love to do astrophotography for about 8 years now which is quite a long time considering how much frustration this hobby brings).

But, unfortunately, after I got my repaired QHY163M back from China and captured (finally) some light frames I discovered a calibration issue – no need to mess with flats, just calibrating a single light with a single dark did not remove the amp-glow.

I have just recently sent the camera back to China again, for another repair.

Everybody can test his CMOS camera easily. Just take some 10 dark frames (at the same conditions). Create a master dark frame. Then, in the PixelMath, subtract the master from one selected (random pick) single dark frame. Max STF stretch it and see. You shall not see any amp-glow left, only a pure gaussian noise in the image (well, very, very subtle traces of amp-glow could be detected under certain, specific conditions, but really a fully working dark frame calibration must be able to remove it in an adequate way!).


dark frame only calibration issue
QHY163M a 4/3″ mono CMOS camera – part #1

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