ASA 3“ Wynne 0.95x Corrector – a Quick Test

Although vast majority of equipment (especially for photographers) that’s today on the market does have plenty of issues or design flaws (I am reasonably critical to almost everything) sometimes it really happens – a miracle. There’s something just perfect, great, wonderful, splendid, … The ASA 3” Wynne is the case (and all ASA reducer/correctors that I or any of my friends possess). Highly recommended. This makes me happy when the quality meets the price tag.

I know I shall need many more evidences to prove my words, but this time I do not care. The first and so far last test of the Wynne I made was just plain test of “apo-chromaticity” done with LRGB filters and ordinary Bahtinov mask (yes I know the Bahtinov mask has its limits on F/3.6, but even after, I am impressed by the corrector quality).





Obviously, all the images were acquired at the same focuser position (11,975 millimeters) using a 10″ Newtonian from ASA. :)

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