ALccd5L-IIm / QHY5L-II mono

Well, I said, that I will not buy any QHY camera any more. But I could not resist. I was so much interested in the performance of the new Aptina MT9M034 CMOS chip that is said to have high QE and that could be also found in other „planetary“ CCDs (CMOSes) cameras like ASI/ZWO, but QHY (or astrolumina) offers something like „Premium Package“ or „Deluxe Kit/Package“ which includes some wide field lenses (with supposingly 180 degree view) and C-mount/Cs-mount adapter and tripod camera body holder etc. Since I said I won’t go with QHY any more I got the same thing rebranded as ALccd from astrolumina.


ALccd5L-IIm / QHY5L-II mono Premium Package


ALccd5L-IIm / QHY5L-II mono Premium Package

I always wanted to capture the whole sky at once as it is so beautiful when you are in the country-side enjoying the silence at some quiet place with completely clear sky and freezing temperatures :)


AllSky Setup with ALccd5L-IIm


AllSky Lens with ALccd5L-IIm

First Light Test (with hotpixels included) from 2nd October 2013


30sec sub from my home-place

Master Dark Frame


30sec Master Dark Frame

Camera Test Report

At some unknown temperature with default settings (gain 12 and 12bit ADC).

CCD Camera Measurement:
Gain = 0.05
Readout Noise = 4.79e-
Total System Noise = 7.17e-

My Results

All Sky Timelapse Movie ALccd5L-IIm 1.25mm F/? lens:
All Sky Timelapse Movie ALccd5L-IIm 1.25mm F/? lens

Tenerife Nightsky Timelapse (February 2014):
Tenerife Nightsky Timelapse (February 2014)

My Friend’s Results

Since I am lazy enough to do all the testing myself (there is one clear sky night per 3 months), I gave the camera to a friend of mine who is talented and skilled enough to squeeze the best out of this lil cam when attempting on some Deep-Sky Object imaging… His results are amazing!

Michal Ringes, QHY5L-II


What I liked:

  • the camera is small, lightweight and easy to use
  • drivers installed on 1st attempt (using alccd CD)
  • really powerful camera

What I didn’t like:

  • there was some random banding (horizontal) happening occasionally on top or bottom part of the frame making it useless for timelapse (it looked like there was a thunderstorm around the horizon)
  • the lens are (all of them, all CCTV lens I tested) quite distorted and screwed up – not made completely perpendicular to the CMOS chip when focusing so the distortion changed corner from corner based on the actual focus position (you could focus that or the other part of frame, but not a complete image) – but that seems to be problem with every CCTV lens I have ever tested even on different C(s)-mount camera



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