Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016

My image was: shortlisted, in the group of prize winning images, not on the 3rd place in its category, but unfortunately also not the winning one. But 2nd place also counts! And I am happy for that!

Even though the winning image in the Stars and Nebulae category sparkled lot of public discussion on the image itself, as we, astrophotographers in vast majority do not count that type of composed image as an image itself (worth qualifying) it is, at least, an interesting idea. But from my side – it’s nothing „nice to look at“ and brings no wow effect at all. I’d be happier if the winner is a true, remarkable picture that everybody in our community would have to respect :-) On the other side, it’s very difficult for the jury to do their task, some of them are really no photographers at all and in the end – it is a miracle that a true DSO image (my attempt on this Perseus Molecular Cloud that I started in 2014 and finished in late 2015 in order to make it really a brilliant one) made it ever to the prize! As with everything, people are different, like different things (there’s no one size fits all) and I respect the results and am happy for being part of the competition. I have even made it there to Greenwich, London, to the ceremony award evening in person. Half of the prize money won was spent for the trip and second half for a new Orion UK 6″ primary mirror of Research Grade quality for my small and portable astrograph project :-)

NGC1333 widefield, vdB12, vdB13, vdB16, Barnard 202-206


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