CCD Sony ICX694 vs. CMOS Panasonic MN34230

that is the Question.

Well, once I wanted to make a deep comparison article for my blog. But in the end, I was unable to gather reasonable data to do any meaningful comparison. It was also because of my-only issues with the CMOS camera. To post at least something :-) I’d like to say my conclusion – thanks to the even much lower readout noise of the Panasonic chip the CMOS beast is very, very capable and can perform as well as the superb ICX694 chip from Sony (high QE, low noise, low dark current, few hotpixels ever, no calibration needed). With the CMOS one needs to do a precise calibration and due to having only 12-bit ADC a stack of large amount of single frames is essential (as well as appropriate settings of the gain/offset values to get the best performance for given conditions). From the $$$ perspective, no surprise that it has become so popular.

Single 10 minutes, 3nm H-alpha image taken with ICX694 (using F/5 refractor of 100mm aperture):

Single 3 minutes, Red filter image taken with MN34230 (SW bin2x2, DSO preset using F/3.6 reflector of ~250mm aperture):

As I use the NGC7000 object for equipment tests, you may find more images taken with Kodak KAI-11002ME and Sony ICX694 on a F/4.3 refractor on the link below:
NGC7000, Pavel Pech

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