QHY5III-178M quicktest

I have got this camera as a Christmas present in 2016 intended to be a replacement for previous QHY5II-L model used as a spare guide camera (therefore not really used at all). I have used it for the first time in my OAG, instead of my typical Moravian G1-301, to give it finally a try in June 2017. Result? It was really great, notably more sensitive than the 5II-L model which was far superior to any of the previous QHY5 or QHY5II models. Thanks to the BSI type of sensor (back side illuminated where the photodiodes do not occupy any space in front of pixels (are located on the other side) and thus making all photos fall to the pixel area, effectively using whole surface of the chip) and small pixels, variable gain, it would have been a great guide camera that is, moreover useful for some planetary and Moon work.

BTW as of today, I have just sold this one (after issue #2 with QHY163M) and plan to replace it with ZWO ASI290MM Mini :-) that I hope to use, one day, for a „basic and beginner’s“ shots of the Moon’s surface (as I still keep a Sloan z’ filter with 820nm+ bandpass).

ZWO ASI290MM-mini

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