Astronomik Filters on a Spectrophotometer

I would like to show the performance – transmittance plots – of couple of Astronomik filters. Let’s start with L-RGB Typ 2c, 31mm unmounted (purchased in 2010), serial number: 2050000226. I believe that all the charts are self explanatory. The only comment I’d have is that the RGB filters have some marginal UV „leak“. The Luminance is perfect. The visual Profi OIII (2010, serial number: 0040010364) looks as expected (with Luminance filter in place might be even usable for imaging).

Astronomik L-RGB Typ 2c (2010) Red Filter

Astronomik L-RGB Typ 2c (2010) Green Filter

Astronomik L-RGB Typ 2c (2010) Blue Filter

Astronomik L-RGB Typ 2c (2010) Luminance Filter

Astronomik Profi OIII (2010)

The narrow band filters (Hydrogen Alpha) are 12nm wide. Again, there’s some „leak“ in UV (even in the most recent, 2010 filters) that causes problems with some lenses and when shooting on light polluted skies. The only workaround is to couple it with Red filter or yet another Ha filter – then it’s OK. The Profi Ha CCD from 2006 was measured in full spectrum (200 to 900nm) and in detail around its peak transmittance.

Astronomik Ha 12nm CCD (2010)

Astronomik Profi Ha CCD (2006)

Astronomik Profi Ha CCD (2006) detail

All filters were tested on Carl Zeiss Jena SPECORD M400.

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